Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The ultimate truth

Did you ever have a moment when suddenly everything is made clear to you?

I had one a few weeks ago. It was when I finally made sense of everyone and everything in the world. The discovery was this:

We live either by reason, or by faith. You CANNOT live by both.

Simple. You probably already knew it. But it explained everything I didn't understand about the world.

Now if you are reading this and saying "DUH" then feel free to skip the rest of this blog.

If however you are sitting there thinking "No I can live with both reason AND faith in my life" then you are wrong. They are completely incompatible.

Here are the two fundamental truths of our existence:

1 - Reason contradicts Faith.
2 - Faith contradicts Reason.

This leads to an observation: everyone must at some point choose either faith or reason. Some do it consciously, some just go with whatever they were told as children and never really question it.

And here is the pearl: there has to be a choice. My next blog will explain this.

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